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2934 Douglas Rd
Toledo, OH, 43606



COLD-PRESSED juices $7.50 ALWAYS available at ALL Juice

3115 Sylvania Ave Toledo, OH 43613

$7.50 individually

Greens 1: kale spinach celery cucumber parsley apple ginger mint lime  

Greens 3: kale spinach celery cucumber parsley apple lemon cayenne  

Greens 5: kale spinach celery cucumber parsley pineapple apple lemon

Sweet Greens: spinach grapefruit apple lemon ginger  

Spirulina Greens: spirulna spinach apple pineapple lemon mint

Sweet Potato Roots: sweet potato pear cinnamon  

Roots 4: beet carrot apple ginger lime  

Grapefruit CHIA Fruits: chia seeds grapefruit apple pineapple lime

Carrot Apple Grapefruit Fruits: apple carrot orange ginger turmeric

Watermelon Seasonal: watermelon lime  

Juice of the day: ASK US! (ALWAYS available at LBs Grab-n-GO)

Cayenne ginger lemon (1 0z)  $3
Turmeric ginger lemon cayenne (1 0z) $3

Warning: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Menu subject to change.

-All sales final-









Per day $40

Greens 1
Seasonal 2
Greens 3
Root 4
Greens 5



Juice til' Dinner Per day $24

You pick 3:



Fruits/Juice of the Day